eco-friendly accommodation

eco-friendly accommodation

eco-friendly accommodation

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In 2014 we commissioned our solar hot water system at Narrawallaee Creek Studio. Another step forward in lessening our foot print on the environment. Our eco-friendly holiday accommodation is becoming more sustainable each year. We hope you enjoy your stay in our eco-friendly accommodation. Suggestions for greater eco-efficiency would be appreciated and taken on board if viable and possible.

Narrawallee Creek Studio has been operating its eco-friendly accommodation for 15 years now. In this period we have put much thought into lessening its impact on the environment. Some of these considerations are listed below.

Firstly, we took advantage of the natural sun by orientating Narrawallee Creek Studio to make the best of winter and summer for its heating and cooling. To add to this we have planted grape vines to shade the hot spots through summer,and in winter they shed their leaves letting the sun warm the area.

Secondly, Narrawallee Creek Studio does not rely on Town water. It is totally self sufficient in supplying its own water from the rain into its tanks.

Thirdly, we have installed a highly efficient on site sewerage system. This in turn waters all our lawns.

Next we encourage all food scrapes to be recycled through our chickens and compost bins and all other recyclables are taken care of through bins provided.

Our next major improvement was the addition of six photo voltaic solar panels. This has played a large part in  eco-friendly accommodation for our cottage at lake Conjola. The unit supplies most of the power needed to run the cottage.

We have recently upgraded our photovoltaic system, increasing its capacity to 5 kWh. An addition of 21 panels. Improving the properties substanability substantially. A big step towards non fussil fuel dependancy.

Our ambition in time, is to have the whole property self- sufficient and Eco friendly.

Our Vege garden is now producing 75% of our Fruit and Greens.